Just Published (July 2021): “Aulus Anser”

Aulus Anser is my newest Level A novella, joining company with Ego Polyphemus and Lars Romam Odit as an accessible to beginner-level readers of Latin. Like Lars, I turned my attention away from mythology to Roman culture. Specifically, the novel includes such cultural topics as the hills of Rome, the Capitoline geese, the Gallic invasion of Rome, Marcus Manlius, Roman temples, and Roman toilets.

Here’s the description from the back cover:

The barbarians are coming!

Aulus is a goose, who lives in ancient Rome on the Capitoline Hill. As one of Juno’s sacred geese, his job is to eat his food while the priests carefully observe his actions, looking for good or bad omens. One day when the Gauls arrived to invade Rome, Aulus thinks that he is responsible–he didn’t eat his food and therefore has brought bad fortune to the city! Driven by guilt, he wants to help fix the problem he thinks he created. But what can a little goose do to help defend the Romans against the invaders?

Based on a famous passage in Livy (5.47) and written for novice level readers of Latin, Aulus Anser uses a limited vocabulary to tell an entertaining and exciting tale.

Available now in paperback.

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