A Week in F7 – Week 33

Monday, April 22nd, Day 147 1.) Reader’s Theater/Storytelling: “Orpheus” Inspired by Magister Craft’s “Orpheus and Eurydice” video.  I wanted to use the video, but the Latin is a bit dense for my Latin I students.  So I adapted Magister Craft’s script at first, but ended up write my own (they may even be a good …

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A Year in F7 – Week 32

Monday, April 15th, Day 143 through Wednesday, April 17th, Day 145 So, the week before Easter, I attempted the Storybook Project, as laid out in The Natural Approach to the Year (a book, by the way, that anyone trying to teach in a communicative way should have on their shelf).  I struggled with this project …

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A Year in F7 – Week 28

Monday, March 11th, Day 123 1.) Discussion/One Word Image a.) Character creation (physical characteristics/preferences/fears/talents) b.) Problem: use generic problems first, then specific NOTA BENE: I have found that discussing the characters possible problems briefly in English is way more efficient and clear that trying to stay in the TL.  After we settle on two or …

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