Just Published (July 2021): “Aulus Anser”

Aulus Anser is my newest Level A novella, joining company with Ego Polyphemus and Lars Romam Odit as an accessible to beginner-level readers of Latin. Like Lars, I turned my attention away from mythology to Roman culture. Specifically, the novel includes such cultural topics as the hills of Rome, the Capitoline geese, the Gallic invasion …

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iFLT Takeaway #2: It’s All About Structure

This is my fifth year teaching in a CI-centered language classroom.  The first year was magical.  I had students who were used to doing things the traditional way.  I quickly changed the paradigm, and the students rejoiced.  Latin class was fun.  It was relevant.  It was student-centered and student-driven.  We were speaking, writing, reading, and …

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