Published: Pandora: A Latin Novella

Pandora cover detail

After eight months of work, I have finally published my new novella: Pandora: A Latin Novella.
The cast of characters includes Pandora and the Olympian gods (of course), but I have also included elements from other myths involving Circe, the golden apple, and Venus’ relationship with Mars, among others.
It’s the third in the Familia Mala series, and the longest entry in that series (4200+ words). It uses more or less the same vocabulary base of 120 words (40-50 of which are cognates) that the other books in the series use. If you were to read all the books in the series, you would have read over 10,000 words while needing a working Latin vocabulary of only 140 or so words (cognates included).
This series is the culmination of an idea that I had a year and a half ago after reading Stephen Krashen’s article advocating for “narrow reading,” (.i.e. reading a books series, different books by the same author, or reading many books on the same topic).  Now my own students can choose a narrow reading experience by reading an entire series, which uses familiar characters and vocabulary in different ways and in different contexts, thus providing a pleasurable, extensive reading and lots of comprehensible input–both of which are essential to language acquisition.
The other two volumes in the series are available here.

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