Now Available: Digital Editions

Good news for educators facing distance learning this fall!  I am partnering with Storylabs to bring you several of my most popular novellas on a completely digital platform! 

One annual subscription allows a teacher and up to 180 students access to a completely virtual edition of the novella of your choice.  As a bonus, all novellas include full, high quality audio recordings (recorded by the author), allowing students the option to hear the Latin as they read it!  Storylabs also has a lot of great features that make assigning and tracking student reading easy, as well as serving as a platform for teachers to collaborate on supplementary activities and materials.

An individual, annual novella subscription costs only $60.

Package deals are also available:

Any three novellas for $120

All seven currently available novellas for: $250.

Also, I’ve working with author Lance Piantaggini to offer both of our complete Storylabs catalogues for a flat fee of $675 (a savings of over 50%).  That is access to 26 different books for up 180 students! This would allow classes an entire FVR virtual library for a fraction of the cost of a physical one.

2 thoughts on “Now Available: Digital Editions

  1. Jim Bryan (Jacobulus)

    I have all your novellas, but I don’t have a teacher. Can I buy the audio recording of your books, for use on iTunes?


    1. Salve Jacobulus! I am working on mastering the recordings for distribution and sale as audiobooks. I’m still checking my options, but in the next few weeks–if everything goes well–I should have an announcement about that.


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