A Year in F7 – Week 15

MONDAY –  November 12th – Day 65

  1. Card Talk: quid actum est hoc biduo? (What happened this weekend?)

I provided the following support for the students to write information about their weekend:

versata/versatus sum: I hung out

ivi ad: I went to

studivi:  I studied

lusi: I played

legi: I read

dormivi: I slept

visitavi: I visited

cenavi: I dined/ate

pensam domesticam: homework, project

confeci: I completed my homework


Prep Time: 20 minutes


  1. Watch and Discuss / MovieTalk: “Runaway Fridge”

I wrote this general script based on the first half of the movie.  It’s adapted from John Piazza’s excellent version.

Prep Time: 10 minutes

  1. Quick Quiz: verum an falsum (Runaway Fridge)

Prep Time: 0 minutes


TUESDAY – November 13th – Day 66

  1. Interrogatio/discipulus illustris

Today’s interview concerns Thanksgiving traditions in addition to the general questions.  I used the Chart Talk vocabulary from the previous day for support

Prep Time: 0 minutes

  1. Quick Quiz – based on the holiday “Interrogatio”

Prep Time: 0 minutes

  1. Watch and Discuss – Runaway Fridge – Pars II

Prep Time: 15 minutes


WEDNESDAY – November 14th – Day 67

  1. Calendar/Christmas Carol

NOTE: We are still opening class everyday with a Christmas/holiday song.  I try to teach one new one per day, so that after Thanksgiving they are familiar with several songs.

  1. Partner Reading Activity – “Runaway Fridge”

Prep Time: 5 minutes

  1. Running Dictatio

I followed the guidelines found here.  The texts posted for this activity have to be very easy and comprehensible, or the students don’t really get into this activity.  I know others who love this activity, but the reception among my own students is always lukewarm.  I’m not even sure that they like it more than a standard dictatio.  I would urge everyone to give it a try, though.  Maybe you will have better luck than I.

Prep Time: 20 minutes

  1. Timed Write

NOTE: I don’t generally do this activity on Wednesdays, however I knew that I was going to be out on Friday (as were many of the students).


THURSDAY – November 15th – Day 68

  1. Card Talk – Thanksgiving Break

Using the holiday vocabulary from the student interview earlier in the week, I had students share two things that are holiday traditions and one thing that is not.

Prep Time: 0 minutes

  1. Game: duo vera et unum falsum

I read student responses aloud from the Card Talk, and students guess which item is false.  Students generally love this activity, and I could probably play this same game for multiple days.

  1. Write and Discuss: based on the most interesting or surprising holiday traditions.

Prep Time: 0 minutes


FRIDAY – November 16th – Day 69

Read and Draw: “Runaway Fridge”

I was out this day, and just had my students illustrate the Runaway Fridge Story

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